Unstoppables: new documental trailer

This is the introduction to our inspiring and UNSTOPPABLE characters!
We are making a documentary following these amazing “Unstoppables”, from Barcelona as they prepare for the Paralympic Games in London 2012.

For more information contact info@blacktrainfilms.com

2 comments to “Unstoppables: new documental trailer”

  1. tom stewart dice:

    Dear Black Train Films

    Just had a look at your intro to your forthcoming doc The Unstoppables
    Very interestd to know if UK Rights are available
    Could you please send me further details
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Best Tom

    Tom Stewart
    Head of Acquisitions
    Arrow Films
    Tel: 01904 796616
    Mobile: 07976 170102

  2. nick dice:

    This is such an interesting doc. Is this going to be on DVD or blu-Ray?

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